Crown Molding

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Crown Molding

Siding has both decorative and functional purposes, but some of the options come with a heavy environmental price tag.

Choose a durable product that is low in toxicity and can be manufactured sustainably. The layers you don’t see, such as housewraps, drainage mats, and insulated sheathing panels, are just as important for durability and weatherization.

Getting siding details right may be the most important step in creating a durable home, especially where roofs, decks, and porches make penetrations.

Durable siding requiring little maintenance is the appropriate choice for a green home.
Siding is an important architectural feature. There are half a dozen major families of siding, and many variations within those categories. Some are strong regional favorites, either because they are well suited to the climate or because they have a long local history (usually both).

In addition to durability, criteria for choosing siding include cost, maintenance requirements, ease of installation, and environmental impact.